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Friday, 23 November 2012

November Glymm Box 2012

After patiently waiting, I finally received my very first Glymm box today :D. I originally wanted to sign up for Top Box, but I was put on the waiting list and thought I'd try out Glymm while I wait. A friend of mine received her Glymm box a few days earlier and described it as disappointing. I have to admit, I kind of agree.

 Box contents: 
Glymm Makeup Bag
Lys Parisien Professionnel Moisturizing Shampoo
Lys Parisien Professionnel Moisturizing Balm
Dirt Sugar Scrub
The New Black Nail Polish
The Beehive Scents in Alice Blue 
The shampoo and conditioner came in a really generous sizes for samples (60ml each) so that's quite pleasant to see. They also smell amaaazing (can't stop sniffing them at the moment..). However, I prefer using sulphate free shampoos so I'm a bit skeptical. Will definitely try them out.
 My Body Shop body scrub is about to run out, so I was quite pleased to see this product. I do enjoy a nice body scrub and this one smells delicious.
 This was probably the most disappointing thing in the bag. Though I was charmed by the fact that it's called Alice Blue (since my english name is Alice), this smells like a grandmother's perfume. Never heard of the brand, and not impressed with the scent.
There's not much to say about this nail polish except that it's a nice navy blue color. Suits my taste, will see if the formula is any good. 

Overall, I give this Glymm box a 6/10. My reason behind this is because most of the samples were bath orientated, rather than having some cosmetics or skin care products. It also lacked any well known luxury brands. My favorite things from the box are the shampoo & conditioner, body scrub, and makeup bag - always handy to have for travelling.

But I still have high hopes for their December/Christmas box :). 


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