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Friday, 27 September 2013

No Makeup?

Hey, everyone! I'm finally done with school and currently have a small break before the next semester, so I thought I'd use this opportunity to catch up with my blogging :).

So something happened yesterday that really made me stop and think. I wanted to go out and quickly buy some groceries with my boyfriend. It was in the evening and I had already taken off all my makeup. This made me slightly reluctant to go and made me groan at the thought of reapplying my makeup after having just taken it all off. At this point, my boyfriend said: "Why don't you just go with no makeup?". This thought was just unfathomable to me. I know it seems so ridiculous and silly, the thought of just heading to the store with no foundation or concealer, but it really made me feel uncomfortable.

For some reason the thought of people seeing my very rosy cheeks, possible blemishes, and dark under eye circles just makes me shiver and feel embarrassed. In the end, I did go without makeup, but I just felt very insecure the whole time. My face actually felt 'naked'. Then it made me wonder if it's the same for other girls: is it easy for you to go out without any makeup? How often do you do it? Which products can you simply not leave the house without? 

I don't have any problem going out with zero eye makeup, to the point where I only wear some rarely (like once a week or every second week). But I just cannot walk out the house without some foundation. And I'd like that to change. My new goal is to push myself to leave the house every now and then completely bare-faced... I know. Scary.

Let me know in the comments if you have any similar issues regarding "no makeup" days :) 

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Tip of the Week #4: Hiding Spots Efficiently

Long time no see everyone! Sadly, university has kept me away from my beloved blog, but I am going to squeeze in a small cheeky post before going back to my studying.

This week's tip is about how to effectively hide spots. We all know concealer is our best friend, but there's more to hiding a spot than covering up the redness. Unfortunately, I only learned this tip very recently, but it has saved me so many times now that I felt the need to share it with you all!

Tip of the Week: Powder your spots after covering them up with concealer. And "more is more" in this case.

The problem with a concealer or foundation is that it does give your skin a hint of shine, no matter how matte the formula is. In order to diminish the look of the raised bump, you need to make it as matte as possible. This in turn makes the skin look flat rather than raised.

My choice of powder for this job is Rimmel Stay Matte. It really does make your spots disappear before your eyes (by visual illusions, not for real :P).

Hope this tip helps out at least one of you out there :).

For a full post on how to prevent getting spots, you can click here

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Review: Bioderma - Hydrabio Riche

Even though the weather has been warm lately, my skin has been feeling dehydrated rather than its usual oily/combination state. Since I had a lot of fate in Bioderma, I decided to give their Hydrabio Riche a shot. But sadly, it was not the cure I was looking for.

First thing I didn't really like was how it made my skin feel, it just didn't sink in nicely. My face felt slightly sticky and a bit tight. I didn't have that "ahhh..." moment that I normally have with a good moisturizer, as I would feel moisture sink into my skin. I didn't notice much a difference to be honest, it wasn't really moisturizing or beneficial to my skin whatsoever. I'd also like to note that Bioderma's moisturizers do contain mineral oil, which can be known to sometimes clog pores. 

It didn't break me out or do anything bad, but it also didn't really help hydrate my skin. Though I do really like the sleek packaging (comes with a pump). But I guess every brand, even Bioderma, has the odd not-so-amazing product :).

If you have you any suggestions for a good hydrating moisturizer, please let me know :).