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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Simple: Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser

This product has officially become my ultime favorite moisturizer. I tried a high-end one (I was suggested Clinique), but I've come to realize that high-end moisturizers tend to be very rich, whereas I need a light one that won't clog up my pores. I didn't think there was a moisturizer in the market that dealt with my specific needs/requirements. However, one day while I was in the UK, I stopped by Boots and did some browsing. I ended up purchasing Simple's Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser. The reason why I chose it was because of what the product promised to do:

Gently absorbs excess oil
Helps reduce blemishes

Mattifies all day long
Moisturises to improve skin condition
Actively restores, softens, and smooths
Won't upset your skin

My Clinique 'Moisture Surge' was ok for a while but then I came to realize that only a couple hours after I had applied it, my skin would become oily again. And the cream made me break out in a couple areas since it was too rich. So I thought Simple's moisturizer sounded perfect. And after using it for over a month, I can affirm that it is.

My face feels very moisturized and soft after use. The product definitely prevents my skin from becoming oily. Of course it'll still become shiny by the end of the day, but the moisturizer definitely delays the process. This product has helped clear up my break out areas and also works to prevent future blemishes. 

The main ingredients that target the claims mentioned above are: natural zinc pca, phytosphingosine, corn starch, vitamin E, pro-vitamin B5.
There are no unnecessary or harsh chemicals, and it is perfume & colour free - perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin. 

Overall, I think this is the ideal moisturizer for anyone with oily skin, combination skin, and/or is acne prone. I hope to one day try out Simple's facial scrub from the Oil Balancing line, but sadly it isn't available yet in Canada. If you have any suggestions on other products by Simple, please let me know :).    


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