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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Bioderma Sensibio AR (Anti-Redness Cream)

I've been really enjoying using the Bioderma H20 Cleanser (which I reviewed here) and so I eagerly went out to try another product by Bioderma. I was in need of a new moisturizer and this one caught my interest the most. There are very few reviews on it online so hopefully this one will help!

This cream is perfect for anyone who suffers from Rosacea (a skin condition that is characterized by redness on the face). My main affected areas are my cheeks and nose.

This cream promises to:
reduce redness
intensely sooth
moisturize and protect

This moisturizer checks off all points for me! This is the very first product I have ever used that actually reduced the redness (which I considered to be permanent). The redness around my nose has reduced to the point where I don't feel the need to cover up the area with concealer. It's also instantaneously soothing! It feels amazing to apply anytime I feel a flare up/burning. My most affected area are my cheeks to which the cream has helped with redness, though only by 15% I'd say. However, it has definitely calmed them which is more than I can ask for from just a cream.

It is on the richer side so great for anyone with dry or combination skin. My skin type is oily but it hasn't broken me out, no matter how much I lather it on.

Overall, a really amazing product for anyone with Rosacea or just sensitive skin :). Bioderma is greatly impressing me! 


  1. Not for oily skin. In my experience

  2. Thank you. I just bought this and was a bit nervous to try it out. Did it help with any break outs?

  3. I have both oily and acne prone skin and it works well for me. I'm on my second tube. Hate the price for the amount you get but it works for my skin and hasn't caused any breakouts. It also doesn't compromise the integrity of any foundation I've used on top of it.

  4. This review has really helped! My boyfriend suffers from rosacea so I'm trying to research which products will be best for him. I'm torn between this and Avene at the moment but hearing someone's opinion on it who has rosacea has really helped :) x