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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Sleek Haul!!!

This whole package of goodies arrived only one day before Christmas (2 weeks earlier than I thought it would!) and I've been waiting to share it all with you :). I had heard loads of good things about Sleek, especially their eyeshadows - they have been known to be compared to MAC eyeshadows. Essentially they're claimed to be amazing quality but for very little money!

I ended up purchasing 3 eyeshadow palettes and 2 blushes. I'll start of by saying, I LOVE the packaging. Very stylish, good sturdy quality (not going to break easily), and don't look cheap in the slightest. Each palette and blush even comes with a really large mirror, making it perfect to take with you when on the go.

The three palettes I chose are: bad girl, oh so special, and (of course) the original palette

(Life's a Peach, Flushed)

These blushers are in the shades Life's a Peach and Flushed. I've already tried both of them and absolutely love them! Though they look very bright, they look incredibly natural on the cheeks. Flushed is very pigmented (to the point where one must be careful with application) and is the perfect winter shade. Life's a Peach is a bit light when it comes to pigmentation, definitely needs a few more swipes with a brush but gives amazing results. This orangey/peachy blush is perfect for the summer but also looks amazing even during the winter time :). Both look very very natural. The staying power isn't too bad- about a few hours. However, the price definitely makes up for it. Only $5.99 per blush...bargain!

Bad Girl is the best palette to own when wanting to create night-out looks. I've already created several looks with this palette and love each color. The pigmentation is amazing, and I had an experience with Sleek eyeshadows (multiple by now) that I never had with any other eyeshadow: it stayed on the whole day, no budging whatsoever, without a primer. That's pretty amazing for me since eyeshadow never lasts more than 2 hours on me without a primer. Only $9.99 for a palette. Very, very impressive Sleek!

Oh So Special really surprised me. I had no idea that pink eyeshadow can actually be very flattering! Again, very pigmented and great quality. Stays put all day without a primer and probably is my favorite and most used palette at the moment. Ideal for everyday makeup. 

The Original has some great colors and is a favorite among many beauty guru's. I have yet to try it but seeing as this is the most popular/well known palette, I'm sure it'll be just as amazing as the others. 

I'd have to say Sleek is officially my new favorite makeup brand! I have never seen such amazing quality in products worth such low prices. I honestly can't wait to try out more items from Sleek! :)


  1. Where did you buy it? Is it sold in stores or only online?

  2. cant wait for your review and swatches! :D

  3. Danke für dein Kommentar. ♥
    Flushed sieht echt schön aus!