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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Topbox January 2013

This month's Topbox is very different from the rest, mainly because it's not actually a normal Topbox. January is featuring their new line of "Prive" boxes. The difference is that with the Prive box you receive samples from only one well-known brand instead of several different ones. Everyone received the same prive box this month but for the upcoming months you will be able to decide whether you want a Prive box or just a normal Topbox.

This month's brand is Clinique. Personally, I'm not the hugest fan of Clinique. They're not a special brand in my eyes and I find their packaging to look and feel quite cheap which is odd considering how much their products are worth. However, I don't mind using their products. They're just not necessarily something I would buy myself. I only have two products by Clinique, one a moisturizer and the other an eye cream. I had a reaction to the eye cream so ever since I have laid off purchasing anything else from Clinique, especially since there are so many better brands out there for skincare.

Anyway, here is what came in this month's box:

1. Clarifying Lotion (for dry/combination skin)
2. Rinse-off Eye Makeup Solvent 
3. Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo (in the shades 02 Like Milk)
4. Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector 

I definitely have a use for all these products so no one of them will go neglected. I approve of the eyeshadows, definitely the usual colours I go for. And who doesn't love an eye make-up remover to go with it?

The only complaint I have is how tiny the spot corrector sample is. Only 7ml! Barely any product inside to use long enough to see results. However, I'll still give it a go with the some spots of hyper pigmentation I have.

Overall, it is a good box but it doesn't 'wow' me. I think I'd only opt for a Prive box if it happened to feature one of my favorite brands. But I do applaud Topbox for coming up of the concept, it's very forward thinking :).

What are your thoughts on this month's box? :)


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