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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Clinique Review: Rinse-Off Eye Makeup & Clarifying Lotion

So I had recently received these two products in my January Topbox and was curious enough to give them a try. I've been put off by Clinique products ever since I had a reaction to their All About Eyes cream. I have never particularly considered myself as someone with sensitive skin, mainly because I never have reactions to skin-care products. However, Clinique is making me rethink that...

Let's start off with the Clarifying Lotion. The first question I had was why it is called 'lotion'. It is not a cream, in fact it's a liquid. A toner to be precise. There's nothing 'lotiony' about it. It also states to be for dry/combination skin. This confused me since the main ingredient is Alcohol, which is the most drying ingredient one can have in skin-care products.

Now, the real trouble began when I opened the bottle. Oh.My.God. The smell... Where do I even begin? It's like opening a bottle of strong liquor (such as Vodka) and having the smell burn your nose and make you feel queasy just from a slight whiff. Yup, it was that bad. I tried very hard to ignore the smell and continued with application. Then it began to burn on my face... not cooling or tingling, just burning. Again with the liquor reference, it's like that burning you get from taking a shot, aka not so pleasant. My eyes also really began to sting even though I avoided applying in that area. Needless to say, I made a quick dash to the sink and washed it all off.

I tried hard to convince myself that the make-up remover wouldn't be as horrifying.
Nope. I attempted to remove my eye-makeup with this product and once again, the burning began. I ended up quickly removing the product with my Bioderma makeup remover (bless Bioderma for saving me).

I don't know if it's a certain ingredient that Clinique uses in their skin-care line that makes my skin go "ahhhh!" but I'm definitely going to stay away for my own safety :P. I know a lot of people praise Clinique, but if you are someone with sensitive skin then I wouldn't recommend their line of products.

Has anyone else had troubles with Clinique? Or is it just me?


  1. Just can't beat Bioderma! I always have problems with Clinique too, my skin is so sensitive to their products x

  2. I love Clinique, but I haven't had much luck with their eye makeup removers.

    xoxo Chris

  3. Funny you should hate both so much because I have been using that clarifying "lotion" (though I agree it's more of a toner) for years. In fact my skin doesn't feel clean unless I use it.

    I have been using the make-up remover recently as well (mostly because my mom had it and gave it to me). My favorite make-up remover is actually Lancome feels really nice on my skin.