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Friday, 30 August 2013

Review: Garnier Fructis - Nutri Repair 3/Oil Repair 3

I thought it would make the most sense to next review the conditioner from Garnier's new Nutri Repair line, since having last reviewed and praised the Miraculous oil (link here). I had really high hopes for this conditioner since I was so in love with the leave in oil. Sadly, it was not meant to be...

Every single time I tried using this conditioner, my hair would end up being ridiculously oily and I'd end up having to wash it AGAIN. To me, a good conditioner is suppose to soften and condition your hair without making it oily. The only way I can use this conditioner is if I take literally a dime size and mix it with water. And I'd still have to use a second conditioner along with this one. It's just not worth it...

I think the only real use for this conditioner would maybe be a hair mask (though that would have to be washed out REALLY thoroughly). The main fruit oils used for this conditioner are olive oil, avocado, and shea-butter. I like all the ingredients except for the shea-butter, which I think is actually what causes my hair to become so oily.

Shea-butter is very very thick and is meant to only be used to moisturize very dry parts of your body. It's a key ingredient for things like foot cream, so it's very heavy duty stuff. It's far too heavy to be used on hair, especially thin hair like mine.

It's a shame it didn't work out, but I still love and adore the Miraculous Oil :). Have you tried anything from Garnier's new line? 

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Review: Garnier Fructis - Miraculous Oil (Moroccan Oil Dupe)

So lately I've been battling to find a conditioner/hair product that would leave my hair feeling soft, preferably longer than just 2 hours. I don't expect anything other than natural oils (such as coconut oil) to actually 'condition' and nourish my hair, so I was quite surprised when I did see an improvement in my hair with this drugstore oil by Garnier. It's called the "Miraculous Oil" and I have to say... it really is something close to a miracle.

 First off, let's start off with the fact that is has a pump ladies and gentlemen! So already a big thumbs up for packaging. Now, what does it actually do? Well, it works as a hair softener and detangler. I apply it to wet hair (definitely don't recommend using it with dry hair) and it just leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft, much softer than any conditioner can achieve. And you don't have to worry about it making your hair oily! Best part is the effect lasts 1-2 days.

Another big plus is the huuuge reduction in tangles with this oil! I use to have awful knots in my hair, but thanks to this, I've barely had any! I've also noticed a reduction in split ends from using this over the few months :).

I'm calling this the Moroccan Oil Dupe because I think it's a great and cheaper alternative, and to be honest... I actually much prefer the Miraculous Oil over the Moroccan Oil! The Miraculous Oil actually contains real Argan Oil, whereas the Moroccan Oil just consists of multiple silicones. It also smells a lot nicer. The scent is very light, sweet, and fruity, whereas I find the Moroccan Oil's scent to be very overpowering.

Overall, I am in love with this hair oil! I honestly cannot recommend it enough :). 

Friday, 16 August 2013

Tip of the Week #3: Properly Storing Perfumes!

I realized it's been ages since I had done a Tip of the Week so I thought I'd reintroduce this mini series :). This week, I'm going to be talking about a tip that I wish somebody had told me years ago!

Have you noticed that your perfume stops smelling nice after a while? And yet you didn't buy it that long ago? Perfumes can technically last for years, but only if you store them properly... Exposure to sunlight, heat, and humidity causes perfumes to break down over time, which in turn changes the smell of the perfume (usually ends up just smelling like alcohol).

Ironically the place where us ladies mostly store our perfumes is actually the worst place to keep them! That's right... the bathroom! Showers and baths create lots of heat and humidity, thus making it the worst location for perfumes to be stored. Also, don't store it in front of/facing a window, this will also cause the perfume to go bad.

The ideal place to store them is in a room that doesn't get too warm or humid (perhaps on a nightstand in your bedroom that isn't facing a window). I promise, you will notice a big difference in the quality of your perfumes :). 

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Review: La Roche-Posay - Thermal Spring Water

Hello, everybody! Hope you're all doing well :). I thought I'd start off with my latest summer essential: La Roche Posay's Thermal Spring Water.

I know it may seem silly to buy something like this. You're probably all thinking "It's just water, isn't it?". My answer to that is yes and no. It is water, but it's water that contains Selenium, which just means that the water is packed with antioxidants.

The water is suppose to sooth, tone, refresh, and soften your skin. I can firmly say that it really does do all that! I personally use it before and after cleansing, to help soften my skin and then follow with a moisturizer. What I really like about it, is that it doesn't leave your face feeling really tight and dry like normal water, instead it just feels slightly softer and refreshed. I also noticed it does reduce redness, so it's great for those with Rosacea. And as a plus, my skin has definitely been a lot clearer while using this. Oh and it's also supposedly anti-aging (yay!).

Not only is it a great skincare item, but it's also an absolute joy to have during the hot weather. A quick spritz of this and you already feel a whole lot cooler. Not too mention, it's a very fine and gentle mist so you won't feel like you're squirting yourself with a water gun. You can also either buy the full size bottle ($10), or a mini (around $4.50) so you can carry it around in your purse!

A definite must have! What's your summer essential? :) 

Saturday, 3 August 2013

July Favorites 2013

Hi, everyone! To be honest, it was so hot during July that I kept the products usage to a bare minimum. Therefore, I don't have that many favorites for July, however I will make it up with some random things that I've been enjoying :).

1. Essie - Cute as a Button: I can officially say this is my new all time favorite nail polish! It looks like just any other coraly-pink in the bottle, but once on the nails it just looks incredible! I had it on during my vacation and it did not chip all week! A big first for me. "Cute as a Button" is a cult favorite and definitely my new favorite as well. Highly recommended!

2. Garnier Fructis - Nutri Repair 3 Miraculous Oil: This stuff is amazing! This is the only hair oil that I've ever actually liked and enjoyed using. Made my hair silky soft and easier to brush through. Full review on it will be up next week :). 

3. La Roche Posay - Thermal Spring Water: Anyone who is suffering from too much heat *raises hand*, you need to have this in your life. It's a really refreshing spray and actually helped keep my skin clear and soft. Full review will be up next week as well :). 

4. First Aid Beauty - Ultra Repair Concentrate: I raved about this during the winter, and since the summer sun has been drying, I'm raving about it again. Anyone who has dry skin, especially on your feet, this is amazing stuff. I apply at night and wake up incredibly soft skin the next morning. It's very concentrated as it is a balm, so only use it where you really need it :). Full review here

And now for my random favorites! 

Favorite Blog of the month: "Things my mom says". If you want a blog to read that makes you laugh so hard that your stomach hurts, then I highly recommend you check it out and follow! The writer is a good friend of mine who has just entered the blogging community and she always has a funny story to tell :). Link here. 

Favorite Youtuber of the month: Classisinternal (link here). If you are a russian speaker and love fashion, vlogs, etc, then this is the channel for you. Sonya is a very down to earth girl who lives in Toronto and works as a model. I love her vlogs (they always make me want to be active and go out) and her fashion style. And if you only know english, then you can check out her fashion blog here :). 

And those are my July favorites! Stay tuned next week for some exciting reviews coming up :).