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Monday, 14 January 2013

Lush Bath Bomb - Cinders: AVOID

Whenever I come home from work and feel really sore, I always love to relax with a nice hot bath, preferably with a bath bomb. I love the scent and how moisturized my skin tends to feel after using one. A few weeks ago, I decided to finally use my Cinders bath bomb by Lush. I had been saving it to use around Christmas time since it's a very festive smelling bath bomb. However, what was suppose to be a relaxing evening turned into a stressful one.

The bath itself was fine, though the scent faded quite quickly. The problems began when I had drained the bathtub. I was greeted with this sight:

The bath bomb had stained my bath tub. I had tried everything to scrub it off, but it just would not budge. I finally had to go out and buy bleach, which finally did the trick and removed the unsightly yellow marks.

(even the ends of my shower curtain were stained!)

So in summary, unless you want to spend your evenings scrubbing away at your bath tub with harsh chemicals, please please don't purchase this bath bomb, no matter how alluring the scent is.

Are there any bath bombs by Lush that have stained your bathtubs? 


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