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Monday, 1 October 2012

Simple Kind To Eyes Revitalizing Eye Roll-On: not so kind

I was very excited when I found out the UK brand 'Simple' had recently come to North America. I instantly stocked up on some of their items, including their Revitalizing Eye Roll-On ($10.99). Simple is known for being a skin-care brand formulated for sensitive skin: "No perfume, no dyes, no harsh irritants that can upset your skin". After realizing that my current Clinique eye cream (All About Eyes) was too strong for me, I thought I'd have better luck with Simple.

The product claims to:
 help reduce puffiness
wake up tired eyes
hydrate and nourish

I personally did not have a great experience with this roll-on. I have very sensitive eyes, and even though it is said to be perfect for sensitive skin, I found that my eyes ended up burning after application. I've heard many good things of this product from other reviews, but I believe if you have a problem with sensitivity, then this is not your best choice. I'd also advice choosing a roll-on that not only reduces puffiness, but also reduces lines as well. Nivea and Garnier currently offer similar products that provide those benefits. Why not have the best of both? 

So that's my suggestion for now. I hope to one day find a product for my eyes that won't make them sting. Might try the Nivea Q10 Refreshing Eye Roll-On. If you have any recommendations, let me know!

Till next time :).


  1. I'll have to try it! I like the Simply Facial Toner. I've been using it for months and it's helped my skin tremendously!

    1. I completely agree! They have amazing skin care items, I especially love their moisturizers! It's why I was so sad that this product didn't react so well with my skin :'(.