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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Moroccan Oil Treatment: Worth it?

I know there are several reviews up on this product already, but I just had to write my thoughts on it since it might differ from the majority of them. I was given a sample of this Moroccan Oil Treatment from my sister and was super excited to try it out. After hearing everybody rave about it, I was convinced it would be a miracle product. Oh, how I was wrong...

Honestly, it has the same effect as a leave-in-conditioner. It simply coats your hair, making it feel soft and smooth, but it doesn't actually nourish it - this is due to the silicone in the oil. The smell is also quite pleasant, but besides that I don't see why there's so much hype for this product. I personally preferred using a leave-in-conditioner spray since it was easier to apply to my hair than the oil. I definitely wouldn't classify this product as a hair 'treatment'. If you want actual treatment, I would suggest coconut oil or pure argan oil.

So if you were looking for something to treat dry hair, I wouldn't recommend this. It isn't worth the price (around $34.50 for the full-sized bottle) and won't achieve the results you're looking for.

I guess I'll be sticking to my leave-in-conditioners for now :) 


  1. great review! ill stick with my leave in conditioners too! thanks for saving me money in the end :)

  2. I'm so glad you have posted this, I have been tempted to buy this, I won't now though xx

  3. Same here, glad you posted this review. I always hear great things about this. Glad I can stick to coconut oil and save some $$$.