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Friday, 28 September 2012

Nina Ricci: Fantasy!

Since I did quite a bit of travelling during the summer, I ended up browsing through a lot of duty free shops in airports, especially the fragrances section. I really wanted to find a new perfume that suited me and after lots of searching and debating, I found what I was looking for:

It's the new fragrance by Nina Ricci, called "Fantasy". The bottle's design is hands down the cutest I have ever seen among all perfumes! Drawn on the bottle are flowers, baby chicks, stars, apples, butterflies, and my personal favorite- a baby deer. The entire packaging is simply adorable. But enough about how it looks, let's get down to how it smells!

It is described as a fruity-floral scent. It drew its inspiration from dreams of spring and is suppose to be playful and imaginative.

Top Notes: bergamot, mandarin, pear, cherry blossom, roses, and heliotrope.
Base Notes: mate and brown sugar

It is definitely a sweet perfume, which I'm normally not huge on, but it is also very citrusy and therefore I found it extremely appealing. The scent doesn't really change on your skin like some other perfumes. The only thing that I was disappointed by was the longevity: 2-3 hours. Certainly won't last you the whole day. Like most perfumes, it is rather expensive ($60 for 50ml) so I definitely suggest finding a good deal online.

Overall, this is undeniably my new favorite fragrance. Will definitely repurchase it once I run out. I just hope that won't be too difficult later since it is limited edition.

I 100% recommend this to anyone who loves young fruity-floral perfumes :). 


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