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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Review: GHD Style - Root Lift Spray

Living abroad in Germany occasionally has its downsides. One of them tends to be me wanting to  repurchase a beloved, trusted product that sadly is only sold in North America. And when times get tough (aka none of my relations or friends back home are visiting anytime soon), I am forced to find alternatives. Such an occasion arose a while back when I found myself with an empty bottle of my holy grail hair product, the Sally Hershberger Supreme Root Lift Spray.

How good of a product is it really, I hear you ask? So good, that it's the reason I started this blog in this first place. Just to tell the whole world how awesome it is... #firstblogpost. Now, moving the nostalgia aside, I realized that I needed to find a substitute for it during my time here in Europe. So I searched far and wide... on the web that is, and finally came across something that sounded like it had full potential of being a dupe. 

And that my friends is the GHD Style Root Lift Spray. Essentially, these were my expectations of the product: it would lift my hairs roots (thus giving me MUCH needed volume), and as a lovely consequence of lifting my hair slightly, increase the time my hair stayed clean/non greasy. Sadly, it did none of that. Made hardly a difference to my hair. It would give it a hint of lift for the first hour and then just fall back down, flat as an ironing board. But that's not even the worst of it. It completely dried out my hair. It became knotty and dry, and thus breaking a whole lot more easily and just made brushing an absolute nightmare. Oh, and when you spray it, the smell is so strong and chemically that you end up having a coughing fit and sounding like a grandpa. Lovely. 

Honestly, I feel a bit stupid for having bought it in the first place when I eventually realized what the second ingredient was. Alcohol Denat. *Face Palms*. I had hoped that it wouldn't be that strong/bad, but it really was. For those of you who are curious,  there is zero alcohol in my holy grail Sally Hershberger spray. Juuuust saying ;). Needless to say, the next time I'm in Canada, I'm stocking up. Sorry GHD, it simply wasn't meant to be. 

If you have any recommendations for a root lifting spray, let me know in the comments! :)


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