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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Review: Origins - VitaZing SPF 15 Energy Boosting Moisturizer

This has been my number one staple during the hot weather and I just had to rave about it to you guys. It's also the first Origins product that I have ever tried, so definitely a good first impression of the brand!

Essentially it's a sheer tinted moisturizer that also contains SPF 15. Ever since I became obsessed with Caroline Hiron's blog, I've been trying to follow her tips when choosing skin care products. However, because of her ground rules on what ingredients to avoid, it all of a sudden became impossible to find a good summer moisturizer that didn't contain mineral oil! And that's where Origins came in. No mineral oil, parabens, or any other nasty stuff!

I'm amazed that it smells so amazing (like oranges), but doesn't contain any added fragrances, which is great for those with sensitive skin.

The tint was a pleasant surprise for me. It evens out my skin to the point where I only need foundation in the places I need a bit more coverage, which are my rosy cheeks. However, I do see why some people think it makes them look orange  This can only happen for 2 reasons: Either you are as pale as a ghost, or you used too much. The key with this moisturizer is to use only a little bit and blend it in really well with your fingers. I think a lot of people simply don't apply it properly. Also, this is best suited for those with a yellow-undertone, not pink.

This moisturizer is also best suited for those with slightly dehydrated skin, normal skin, or combination. If your skin type is combination or oily (like mine), then you must use a good powder (eg. Rimmel Stay Matte) to keep your skin from becoming too oily during the day. I don't think I would recommend it to someone with extremely oily skin though. The moisturizer itself is very hydrating, but not too rich. It feels nice and light on the skin.

The best bit about this moisturizer is that it didn't break me out and it also kept me safe from the sun. However, I must note that SPF 15 is not strong enough to keep you from tanning, but it will prevent you from getting sun burns. I also have to mention that for those who think you break out from SPF, it's more likely you're simply not removing it properly. Anytime you wear SPF, you need to double cleanse  to thoroughly remove it all. SPF is designed to stick to your face so you do need to put in extra effort to remove it.

My only complaint is the price. €37 euros/ 50ml is very steep, even for Origins usually pricing. But I love it to bits, so I have no regrets! :). I can't wait to try out more from Origins!

What are your Origins favorites? :)