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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Douglas Haul

Oh the irony... My last post was all about a makeup clear up (click here for reference), and this one is all about going crazy at the stores and buying new stuff... Hey, nobody's perfect! To be fair though, I got rid of 5 lip products, and only bought 4 replacements. Surely that's an achievement, right?? Though I did also pick up two more extra things... I have to be honest: my wallet was furious, but my heart sang with joy at the sight of my purchases.

Just to quickly explain, Douglas is like Germany's version of Sephora, except it's sadly nowhere near as good. But, they do have a nice NYX stand, which I just couldn't resist. Everyone has been talking nonstop about the Butter Glosses, that I finally succumbed to temptation. I ended up picking up two neutral shades, "Tiramisu" and "Creme Brulee", and one nice flamboyant orangey-red colour in "Peach Cobbler". I have tried them all, and don't worry a review will be up soon. I also jumped on the bandwagon and got the NYX Mega Shine lipgloss in "Beige", which as we all know has nothing beige-y about it. They are all beautiful colours and extremely wearable.

And of course I couldn't just stop with the glosses. Oh no, I decided I need the Batiste dry shampoo, and along with that the L'oreal Super Liner. Though to my defence, I got the liner because in my head I thought that if I had an easy to use eye liner (aka a thin stick form), then I would wear eyeliner more often and stop being so lazy about it. Yes, every beauty blogger needs some form of justification for buying a product - "it's pretty" doesn't always cut it.

I shall report back in the future on how I get along with these items! :).


  1. I've really wanted to try some of these butter glosses, i've heard such good things about them! Hope you like them! I'm proud of you for throwing some things out, I can't even bring myself to do that ;( maybe I have serious problems haha! - would love for you to come visit ;D