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Sunday, 9 February 2014

What's Your Idea of Beauty?

I'm sure we have all heard of this expression before: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". I've always somewhat agreed with this statement, but then a recent squabble with the boyfriend really did make me question the idea of beauty and whether or not it really is the same with each person.

We've all been guilty of stalking people on Facebook more than once, and remarking over the ones we find exceptionally beautiful. But things went weird when the people I kept pointing out as"drop-dead gorgeous", did not have receive the same label from my boyfriend. In fact, he pretty much disagreed with almost each example I showed him.

"How can you not find her stunning?? She could be a model!"

Typical boyfriend answer: *shrug*

So then I tried to explain to him what I found particularly beautiful about these women: a small round face, big green or blue eyes, perfect thick hair, nicely arched eyebrows, and (trying not to be crude, but being brutally honest) a well endowed set of female love melons. Yes, I just referred to breasts as love melons. Who knew this day would come...

He on the other hand, completely disagrees with this idea of beauty. And rightfully so, seeing as those qualities are the exact opposite of what make up my own looks. This is what makes up my own features: an oval shaped face (nor is it small), average sized brown eyes, flat thin hair that refuses to healthily grow to the long length I want, eyebrows with zero arch, and well, I do have mandarins but definitely not love melons.

And then I thought to myself: do I find these traits especially beautiful because I do not have them? Is it always the case that we just want what we don't have? Or do we just love to complain?

I guess I should be grateful though that his idea of beauty is different, otherwise he would've chosen someone else to be his little eating machine.

So, fellow beauty fanatics, here's what I want to know: What are your favourite physical features in others? And what is the reason/justification behind them? :) 


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