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Friday, 21 February 2014

Liebster Award Tag/ Get to Know Me

Today has been a very tiring day, so I thought I'd write something that didn't require too much thought as my brain is feeling a bit kaputt at the moment. So I'm doing my first ever tag, and I've been tagged to do the "Liebster Award" many times by different people, but never bothered doing it. However, I was recently tagged by Sophie from Soph's Choice (check out her blog here), and I really love her blog and the questions that she came up with, so I figured I'd finally give it a go :).

11 Facts About Me
1. I'm a total bookworm
2. I am a tea addict and love trying new flavours
3. I tell people my favourite colour is blue, which is sort of true (it's my second fav), but secretly my favourite colour is pink (such a girly girl right?)
4. I'm fluent in English and Russian, and am currently trying to become fluent in German
5. My real name is Alice
6. I originally wanted to call my blog "CuriousAlice", but it was taken. So instead I used my Russian name, "Alisa", which is the name that my parents and family friends address me as.
7. I love cats and really want to get one when I have my own place
8. I'm a Sagittarius
9. I'm a very passionate person
10. My favourite city is London and I want to live in the UK after I'm done studying
11. I say "sorry" way too often (it's a Canadian thing :P)

Answers to Sophie's Questions

1. What made you want to start your blog?

Honestly, anytime I would try out a product and end up either really loving it or hating it, I'd always want to tell all my friends. So I figured I could reach a bigger audience with a blog. I have always valued honest and detailed opinions, which is why I love reading reviews. There were also times when I would try to find a review on a product, but no one had written one. So my second reason was probably also to help others by writing reviews on things that no one had written about yet.

2. What keeps you motivated to blog?

Now that's a tough one because I often do suffer from lack of motivation. I think the main things that motivate me are reading other amazing blogs and the idea of using this blog as a mean of getting a job in the future. Whenever I read other blogs that have amazing pictures and writing, I always think to myself: "I want to become a better blogger" and "be just as good as them". My dream job will most likely involve writing, pr, social media, and marketing, so this blog would be a good example to show future employers of what I am capable of.

3. What makes your blog stand out from the crowd?

My blunt honesty and personality. Unfortunately, I find that there are just SO many sponsored posts online that it's hard to find a 100% honest opinion sometimes. So if something is complete crap, I will tell you.

4. What's your favourite thing about beauty?

Probably that it can build up your confidence. You don't have to be constantly worrying about people seeing your imperfections (e.g. spots or dark circles) and you can highlight or emphasize the features that you really like about yourself (e.g. eyes or lips).

5. How would you describe your style?

In terms of makeup, "less is more" is definitely a good description for my style. I prefer the "no-makeup makeup" look, much more than a full face. As for fashion, I would deem my style as a mixture of classic, casual, and preppy.

6. Do you make beauty videos?

Sadly, no. A part of me really really wants to, but then other part just thinks that Youtube is such a big commitment and a lot of work, and there are so many beauty guros already that it's very hard to stand out. I think I probably might make them in the future, but not any time soon :).

7. What's your best beauty advice?

I have so many tips and advice in terms of beauty that it's impossible to choose just one! But for the sake of this question, I'm just going to go with the one that I've been recently trying to use: Put on whatever top/shirt you plan on wearing that day before putting on foundation. That way you can avoid any possible transfer :).

8. If you had to wear one piece of makeup for one month, what would it be?

Definitely foundation. I can go without eye makeup and all that jazz as long as I have foundation.

9. What product have you used the longest?

Hmmm... probably eyeshadow?

10. How do you find new blogs to follow?

Probably just through other people's blogs.

11. Do you tell people about your blog or is it a secret amongst the community? 

To be honest, I have only told a small circle of friends about it. Have never posted it on my personal Facebook profile or anything like it.

I tag/nominate:

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My Questions:

1. What or who inspired you to start your blog?
2. If you had to choose only one beauty brand to shop from, which one would it be?
3. How many languages can you speak?
4. What other passions do you have in life?
5. Who is your favourite youtuber?
6. Who are your top 3 favourite bloggers?
7. Which products do you buy more of, skincare or makeup?
8. What is your pet peeve about blogging/bloggers?
9. Does your best friend love all things beauty as much as you do?
10. What are the top 3 things on your wish list?
11. Which blog post are you most proud of?

Thank you again Sophie for tagging me! :) x. 


  1. Hey! Great post I just came across
    your blog and I love it! It would
    be amazing if you could visit my blog too.
    We can also follow each other if you like!

  2. Stumbled across your blog today, and its so cute! I feel like its hard to find low key quality beauty blogs since there are so many of beauty/makeup blogs out there.
    xo- Jen

  3. i love this game, nice answers!

  4. Congrats for the nomination.