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Monday, 24 December 2012

Glymm December Box 2012

My Glymm Box arrived just in time for Christmas Eve. I had really high hopes for the December bag because of the holidays and Christmas. I thought they would include something special, but sadly it was even worse than my November bag.
What was included:
1. LashEm Eyelash & Brow Enhancing Serum
2. LashEm False Lashes 
3. Glamorous Lip/Eye Liner
4. SunCoat Nail Polish
5. $10 giftcard for Glymm's Online Shop
Again, Glymm sent unknown brands as usual. The only products that I'd actually use are the serum (my eyelashes are short so anything that'll help them grow is fantastic) and maybe the false lashes. And of course the gold make-up bag, useful and stylish :). However, the rest are just useless to me. They don't have anything in their online store that would make me want to use the giftcard :(. Also, who would use a blue pencil for their lips? :P
When I first saw the naipolish, my first thought was that I disliked the colour; plain white. But then the real bad news was when I opened the bottle and realized the entire polish had dried up, which also ruined the brush. Quite frankly, it looks really gross :P. I will definitely send a complaint and ask for them to send a replacement. 
I have officially sent my cancellation request to Glymm since they just keep sending disappointing products. Oh well, I won't let this damper my christmas spirit :) I have also already signed up for Top Box instead and will be reviewing their December box in one of my next posts. Luckily many other make-up things also arrived today in the mail (haul will be coming up soon!), so the Glymm box didn't ruin my day too much :).

I hope everyone is having a lovely Christmas Eve :)

Merry Christmas everyone! <3


  1. The lashes look gorgeous! X

  2. Such a shame about the nail polish but the lashes look abso amazing :)

    Good luck for the new year :)

    x Love M