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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Tigi S Factor Serious Conditioner

This is going to be a bit of an odd review. This will probably be the only negative review on the web on this product :P (yes, it is raved that much). I have a love-hate relationship with this conditioner. I purchased it (regardless of the expensive price tag) because my ends were feeling coarse and dry and the conditioners I had been using were not helping. I had heard so much praise for this conditioner that I just had to see if it worked.
And at first, it did. I was blown away by how soft my hair felt after using it. It literally felt like silk. However, as time went by things changed. I had noticed my hair was becoming more tangled lately. More than usual. And after a month of using the conditioner, it was just unbearable. I would comb my hair and literally 1 minute later, it was seriously tangled again.  I was on the verge of making an appointment for a hair cut, thinking it was my fault. But then I received my November Glymm box which included a sample of a conditioner. I tried it out and my hair was back to being almost completely tangle free. That's when I realized it was the S Factor Serious Conditioner that was behind the bird nest tangles. It had also stopped really making my hair soft after about 3 weeks.
I'm not suggesting you shouldn't try out the conditioner because for many others it's their holy grail of hair products. But this one simply didn't agree with my hair. I don't know if it's because my hair is thin and therefore is more prone to tangles, but I do believe that one of the main jobs of a conditioner is to detangle hair, so why bother buying one if it doesn't?

The smell is odd too: strawberries and mint. I love strawberries, but can't stand the smell or taste of mint (I know, I'm odd) :P. The price is also something to really consider. $32 in stores or $28 online at feelunique for 150ml. Also, the packaging is not brilliant. The cap is really annoying and takes a while to take off, and it's tough to squeeze out the product with such a thin tube.

And so, I'm back on my search for a good conditioner *sigh*. But hopefully I'll find something soon, especially with all the Christmas sales :)


  1. how often were you applying it? because most people I've read have said it is a weekly mask rather than a daily conditioner...

  2. Are you using a weekly clarifying shampoo? When I was first introduced to S Factor it was the Smoothing Lusterizer in the odd shaped bottle, not the Serious Conditioner. Even with what I am using the beautician used a clarifier first & suggested I start using one at home once a week. After I started using the product with the weekly clarifier my hair stays soft as silk all the time & I color it once a month. Not to mention I am over 50 and on many medications which cause damage to my hair. If this combination doesn't work for you I would really be surprised. Give it a try. Purchase a decent clarifier either by Matrix or TIGI, they don't cost over $15 & only using once a week the bottle will last at least six months. Also the S Factor Product I use is less expensive than the other one, so give it a try. Those two things I mentioned with a good Matrix shampoo is all you should need to have soft, bouncy, teenage hair. Good luck!