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Saturday, 8 December 2012

November Empties

It normally takes me a really long time to fully use up a product so whenever I do, I end up feeling quite proud of myself :D

 1. L'Oreal EverSleek Intense Smoothing Shampoo (Sulphate & Silicone Free): This is officially my new go-to shampoo. I bought the shampoo at Boots during the summer and have been in love ever since. It smells amazing, smoothes out my hair, leaves it ridiculously shiny, and is Sulphate free (though surprisingly lathers really well!). I only use Sulphate free shampoos since I noticed the amount of fall out I get is significantly higher with Shampoos that do contain Sulphates. I highly recommend this shampoo to anybody. I already repurchased another one :).

2. Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo: Your wallet will thank you for this purchase. This tiny bottle literally lasts me over 6 months! Personally, I find that the sprays only last 2-3 weeks. It's essentially just powder in a bottle. It smells like lemons and works wonders on oily hair. Your hair is instantly left looking 100% clean after using this. It will definitely save you money from constantly having to repurchase the sprays.

3. Sally Hershberger Supreme Lift: I already have a full review on this product, but I can honestly say that I can't live without it. Gives my hair lots of volume and keeps it from getting oily, what more can you want? Lasted me about 3 months, and I've already bought a replacement.

4. Cleansing Wipes by Boots essentials: I would never repurchase this. They smell amazing but are horrible when it comes to removing makeup. The wipes are barely wet. They're only slightly moist. Half of them are already dry when bought! Ah well, they were cheap and I didn't know any better :P.

Hopefully, I can reach my goal and have even more empties in December :)