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Thursday, 19 December 2013

4 Products Face

I don't know about you guys, but I personally cannot be bothered or have the time to do a proper full face of makeup for school. Anyone in university I think will understand. Of course, nor can I go completely bare faced. Therefore, I developed the 4 Products Face. All you need are 4 products, and I promise you'll end up leaving the house looking fresh and less "I got only 6 hours of sleep". This look is definitely a "no makeup-makeup look", the focus being on looking healthy rather than super glam. The main point of this look is to keep the eyes bare. Personally, I don't mind how my eyes look without makeup. I'm usually very tired and sleepy in the mornings, meaning I'll be rubbing my eyes a lot. And nobody wants to look like a smudgy panda in class...

So here's what you'll need:

1) Foundation: this is necessary in order to even out your skin. My personal favourite is the Wake Me Up foundation by Rimmel because it really does make you look more awake. I like to apply this foundation all over my face, including under my eyes in order to cover up any dark circles.

2) Brow pencil (or shadow): your eyebrows really do frame your face, so if you need some filling in, then definitely go for it. If you have wonderful full brows (you lucky sod!), then you can skip this step.

3) Blush: in my opinion, this product brings back life to your face after applying foundation. A nice healthy flush is always desired. Personally, I find bronzer to be too much sometimes during the daytime, but blush is always welcome. My current favourite for the winter time is 'Flushed' by Sleek.

4) Lipstick (or lipgloss): I never feel complete unless I have something on my lips when I leave the house. The colour all depends on what you feel like, though I'm not sure if I would suggest a super duper bold lip for the daytime. My personal favourite at the moment is Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in the shade "Candy Shimmer (#05)". It just gives you that "your lips, but better" look.

Of course, you can change it depending on your needs. If you had to stay up late writing your term essay, then maybe use a proper concealer to cover up the dark circles. Same goes if you're breaking out. And if you have oily skin, or want a matte finish, then pop on some powder. Also, if you really can't stand going with bare eyes, then maybe pop on a hint of mascara. The world is your oyster, so customize this look as much as you want :).

So I'd like to know, what is your go-to look for school or work? Which products do you use? :)


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