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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Things I've been Loving Lately

I know I skipped 'November Favourites', but this is mainly due to the fact that I couldn't think of a concrete list of things that I had specifically only loved during the month of November. But I thought I would still list a few beauty favourites and some random favourites that I've been enjoying during this season :).

1) Aveeno - Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion (with cooling menthol): this is an absolute life-saver during the cold months. I get patches of dry and itchy skin during the winter and this really calms it all down and keeps the area moisturized for days. I kid you not, they really should write 48 hours + on the packaging instead of 24 hours. Amazing stuff and super affordable!

2) Lip Smackers in "Candy Apple": you all know my love for lip smackers, they are the only brand of lip balm that actually works on my chapped lips. And this year, they brought out some new flavours with disney characters on the front. I ended up going for Pluto since the flavour was Candy Apple. And let me tell you, this lip balm smells exactly like Christmas. Seriously, even my lips are now in the festive season! :)

3) Garnier - Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream: I have a whole review up on this BB cream right here, if you're interested. But basically it's been my favourite morning/afternoon foundation for the past couple months as it gives me the perfect finish and coverage that I need. And it's only 9 euros. Bargain!

4) Stila - Convertible Colour Dual Lip and Cheek Cream: Guys, this stuff is the shiz. Seriously, this is the holy grail of cream blushes. It's super pigmented, lasts a long time, and gives your cheeks a beautiful healthy glow. This is the most natural looking blush I have ever tried out. I'm officially making a list of other shades I want to get from this line. I only currently own Peony, which is a beautiful warm colour for winter time.

5) MoreZoella Vlogmas: Of course, you have all heard of Zoella. She just hit 3 million subscribers (wow!). I remember being subscribed to her when she only had around 400,000 subscribers and she has just flourished ever since. I have especially been enjoying her vlogs for Vlogmas, they are an absolute pleasure to watch :). Link here, if you're interested.

6) Bubzvlogz: I am absolutely obsessed with vlogs by Bubzbeauty. Anytime I've seen that she's uploaded a new vlog, I will instantly stop whatever I'm doing and watch it. They are that good. She's hilarious and has the cutest dogs in the whole world. Definitely worth a watch! Link here.

And those are the things I've been loving lately :). Let me know in the comments what you've been enjoying lately! :) 


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